10 Thoughts Everyone Has Before A Big Trip

The run-up to a big trip can be stressful. My desk has been covered in post-it notes for the past four months, and I have slowly and successfully been ticking off all the major tasks: 7 vaccinations, 2 insurance policies, 1 visa, plenty of malaria tablets and a one-way ticket to the Ivory Coast. Now with less than 48 hours to go until the grand departure, this is pretty much where my mind is at:

  1. This is never all going to fit in my bag/backpack/suitcase *sits on bag in hope it will shut*
  2. I have a funny feeling I’ve forgotten to pack something important
  3. *checks passport is packed for the fifteenth time*
  4. I hate goodbyes
  6. What if I don’t make any friends
  7. Can’t wait to make loads of friends, meet loads of new and interesting people, learn about different cultures, grow as a person (no pun intended), and have once-in-a-lifetime-amazing experiences…
  8. I hope the food there is good
  9. I hope the food there is cheap
  10. Oh sh*t did I pack my iPhone charger?

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